Personal teaching philosophy paper

All of these will support me in this approach to teaching. It is imperative that the design of the learning environment should both challenge and encourage learner thinking. Constructivism as educational theory: The Art of Loving.

People always want something and in order to get it, they solve problems and overcome life calamities.

Personal Teaching Philosophy

Evil is lack of good. People, who fear to live and love sincerely, would never feel happy and satisfied. Despair and crucial life events make people think there is nothing worth living for and no opportunities to realize.

Social constructivism places emphasis on how understandings and meanings are constructed through social encounters. As an educator, I play a passive role; possibly, my role could entail just observing while the student direct and focus the learning process.

A teacher focuses on giving a didactic lecture that addresses the topical matter whereas a facilitator assists the student to get his own understanding of the subject matter. The fundamental assertion is that learners make use of previous and current experiences to develop knowledge; in this regard, education is life itself and not just a preparation for it.

Therefore, teaching is learner-centered and not instructor-centered Vygotsky, You should, however, include textual references. If my role as a teacher is to facilitate student success then it is consistent that the atmosphere created in the classroom be one that welcomes all participants and places their safety above all else.

Many people think that together with their belief in karma, they should accept the idea of reincarnation. This philosophy, if adhered to, will create this kind of environment in my teaching practice. Moral helps people to move forward on the way to self-improvement.

One should value each moment if he really wants to be happy. There are philosophers who think that evil and good are two equal forces. The exercise of defining and defending my philosophy has enabled me to consolidate my approach to teaching.

We face this battle in our everyday life, and try to distinguish evil from good. A book for teachers. Moral is a system of views and norms, which occupy the concepts of good and evil, justice, conscience and sense of life. It is for people to decide whether to follow His will or not.

The School of Existentialism supports this belief through its emphasis on individuality. Most statements avoid technical terms and favor language and concepts that can be broadly appreciated.

Love means being open to everything positive in this world care, attention, joyand negative either grieve, gloom and disappointment. I create my karma, rule my own life, and can change everything for the better.

In other words I can explain karma as following: God is considered to be good; it means that people are also good-natured.

Personal Education Philosophy Paper

Spiritual growth is a constant widening of our knowledge and experience. In addition, I believe that the learner has a greater responsibility for learning when compared to teachers; this is because the theoretical underpinning of my teaching philosophy social constructivism places emphasis on the significance of the learner playing an active role in the learning process Taber.

Personal Teaching Philosophy Theoretical Underpinnings of my Teaching Philosophy My teaching philosophy draws upon the theories of constructivism, particularly social constructivism, which was developed by Lev Vygotsky.

With regard to constructivism learning theory, the role of the learner is mainly to assimilate the information presented by the teacher; in this regard, the learner is perceived.

My Personal Philosophy of Teaching and Learning – Education Essay

My Personal Philosophy of Teaching and Learning – Education Essay My personal philosophy of teaching and learning is a product of many influences including experience, instruction, a melding of the philosophies of past educators and an intrinsic sense of what is right. ED Personal Philosophy Paper Example 5 Student Name ED administration, and parents.

The focus of all teaching should be to equip students to be successful, so applications to real life must be made consistently. philosophy_example_5. The evaluation part of the paper is your chance to do some philosophy of your own. You should not write your paper as if it is a personal communiqué to me.

Instead, imagine your audience as someone who is intelligent and interested in. Oct 17,  · How to Write a Philosophy Paper. In this Article: Article Summary Planning Your Philosophy Paper Drafting Your Philosophy Paper Revising Your Philosophy Paper Community Q&A Writing a philosophy paper is quite different from other types of papers.

In a philosophy paper, you have to provide an explanation of a philosophical concept and then either support or refute that concept%(33). Sep 07,  · Previous answers to this question 16 7 3 0 1 Personal Philosophy Of Teaching Philosophy Paper RequirementsThe paper should be 2 pages, typed in Times New Roman using point font, and double-spaced with 1″ a first person narrative and present sincerely, uniquely, and memorably.

Avoid clichés.

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